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I can't tell you how many batches of homemade salad I've thrown out uneaten/going bad in the past 30 years of cooking for a family. It's reached the point where salad has become something I eat only when in a restaurant, because it's too time-consuming and ultimately unappealing at home.

But the other night, while enjoying a chicken taco at our favorite neighborhood cheap Mexican restaurant, I realized something about salad:

It's time to deconstruct it, and rebuild it only with the parts I enjoy. What I like about the tacos is that they consist of a flour tortilla, some chopped-up grilled chicken, shredded lettuce, chopped tomato and a sprinkle of cheese. That's it: essentially a chicken roll-up with a little salad inside. All the flavors could be tasted and enjoyed.

So today I took the leftover iceberg lettuce (shhh! don't tell the food cops!) and a ripe Roma tomato from last night's hamburgers made at home, and turned those two ingredients into a salad. I added a sprinkle of grated cheese leftover from last Sunday's homemade pizza, and made a simple dressing of two teaspoons of mayo beaten with an equal amount of water. It was just enough moisture to hold the cheese to the lettuce, more or less. Then I topped it with four large homemade croutons, made from the heel of a loaf of homemade oatmeal bread that was getting too dry.

It was filling, delicious, not fattening, and I enjoyed every crunchy, flavorful bite. Nothing new had to be bought to make it and it was constructed in just a few minutes. This is how salad is going to be from here on out. Yum!
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