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1. Packed my work lunch and cold drinks from home every day but one, in which there was a tiny splurge when I took a friend out to lunch.

2. Wore every day some cute thrifted item. Right now I have 20 summer shirts that all came from the thrift shop, at a cost of $1 to $3 each, so chances are good I'll wear at least one and often two or more (shoes, dresses, handbag) super-frugal thrifted items.

3. Cut my son's hair, thus saving him $15 at the cheap salon. He has super-thick, super-curly hair, and I'm one of the few people who can cut it to suit him.

4. When plantar fasciitis reared its ugly head again and began making my heels hurt, I bought a pair of men's Dr. Scholl's spongey insoles and cut out several sets of heel pads. Bonus points for buying the insoles with a coupon and buying the men's version because it's bigger for the same price.

5. Used a GoodRx card at the pharmacy for dog and cat medication. One of our dogs has arthritis and sometimes needs Tramadol for the pain when she's having a flare-up. Our vet wrote a prescription for it to be filled at the pharmacy and I used our GoodRX discount card to save about half off her prescription. Same for our ancient cat, who was prescribed Gabapentin, a people drug.

6. Did a dozen little frugal things every day: turn bottles upside down to get out the last of the lotion, dish detergent, toothpaste, catsup, whatever; keep the lights off in rooms not in use; deliberately drive under the speed limit and with a light foot on the brake for better gas mileage; wash all the laundry in cold water and on delicate -- we don't work in a coal mine, so the short delicate wash gets our clothes clean; hung laundry on the drying rack to dry overnight; and on and on. The key to frugality is persistence. You have to keep on keeping on until it becomes second nature.


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