Jan. 24th, 2036

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Thrift is a now somewhat obsolete notion, which is both sad and has long-reaching consequences for, well, pretty much everybody.

The Random House dictionary defines thrift as "economical management; economy; frugality." The word arises from Middle English, somewhere around about the year 1200, which in turn borrowed it from Old Norse, where it meant "well being, prosperity, to thrive."

To thrive. Isn't that a wonderful word? I think so.

In April 2014, I temporarily walked from a job that pays actual wages to be a full-time homemaker. Even with having to shepherd every penny, there's been a million times less stress in our lives. In truth, I was cut out to put my homelife first. However, unless one has small children, that job title gets you some really odd looks, like they think it actually means "lazy ass slacker." So I tell people I'm a "thrifty hausfrau." Maybe it's "hausfrau" or the use of the archaic word "thrifty" that throws 'em, but that look goes away.

After 10 months of full-time hausfrauing, I was offered a part-time job at the company I had left, with a schedule aimed at maintaining the home-work balance and giving me time to continue our very frugal lifestyle.

Because I've always been thrifty, this blog is a place to talk about thrift and frugality, to share strategies, help each other, and have fun.

Living a thrifty life is a process and it's an enjoyable one most of the time. So let's enjoy it together.


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